ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headphones with Noise Canceling Mic

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Credits: Amazon
  • Crystal Sound & Immersive Game
  •  Best-in-Class Noise Cancelling Mic
  •  Comfortable & durable design
  •  Great Wide Compatibility
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Weight: 1.25 lb
  •  Design: Over-Ear


  • Stereo
  • Onboard
  • Gaming
  • Noise Cancellation
  • lightweight


  • These Headphones likely to use only by gamers

Why do you need ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headset?

ONIKUMA PS4 gaming Headphones is a good overhead range of sound provides you with a more clear and immersive gaming world, which would astonishingly improve your gaming skill and communication. ONIKUMA gaming headset features the noise cancelation technology which enhances the clarity of the surround sound. You can detect more accurately where the noises are coming from and how far that away. 

User Evaluation
Recommendation 91%

The most powerful sound quality for gaming

When you are playing the game, receiving and delivering a message in time is Critical in a team battle. These ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headphones has built-in noise reduction and anti-static mic that perfectly confines the background noise around you and allow your teammates to hear you good and clear in-game chat. Moreover, These Headphones emphasizing multidirectional microphone, this gaming headphone with mic, accurately picks up your voice. The soft memory ear-cup made of breathing cushion which increases your comfort while your ears won’t get hot and sweaty fits your head conveniently even if you are wearing glasses. 


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